We were so very lucky to have stumbled upon Kimberley’s group lesson and my son immediately took a liking of violin. We were made to observe lessons for almost 2 months to confirm his desire to learn and only were allowed to start our music journey, which I thought was an amazing experience in itself. My son has been learning violin for almost 5 years now and I can say with 100% confidence that Kimberley is fun, loving, passionate about teaching. Both myself and my son have grown and developed into better versions of ourselves and now I can’t imagine what life would be like if we didn’t learn with Kimberley! The amount of support from her as well as whole Wallington Suzuki community is immense and many friendships are formed. During the lockdown and this summer, Kimberley has designed many challenges to keep children occupied and willing to happily practise- where do you find a teacher who has the energy to keep 40+ kids on track?! Thank you Kimberley, whole heartedly. ❤️
Lin Joshi , 2020

Kimberley & Ling have been a real treasure of a find! We have only in the last year and a half started with Kim, but the way that Kim teaches music isn’t just about the musical journey alone, but that of life! So many life skills being learnt – dealing with patience, frustrations, perfecting the little things, teaching a sense of awareness, concentration, breaking a big task down. So much fun learning the violin through music mind games & song and it all comes down to play & keeping it fun. What an amazing find & looking forward to this incredible music journey!
Vinita Perera, 2020

We can’t say thanks enough to our first and forever teacher Kimberley. My sons started their violin journey with Kimberley when they were 4 and 3. Kimberley is a passionate, caring, warm hearted and very experienced violin teacher. She is not only just focusing on violin teaching, and also giving her massive supports to the parents. 🥰 Our violin journey with Kimberley is truly amazing and unforgettable. We would strongly recommend our wonderful teacher Kimberley to any parents/kids/adults who want to start their violin journey sooner or later.”
Yinning Zhang, 2020

To say that Kimberly is a charismatic and dedicated teacher… is an understatement.
She works around the clock and has the best interest of every child at heart. And indeed ALL the time! Her energy is infectious. She is passionate and motivating and loves her job.
Fortunate are the children and the families who work under her tutelage. She imbibes the Suzuki philosophy whole heartedly.
Dr Suzuki would be very proud of her. She carries his legacy with so much grace and knowledge. And has even taken it a step further. Many steps further.

Bindu Bhutani, 2020

If you are looking for a violin teacher for half an hour a week when the lesson ends, then look elsewhere because Kimberley is this and so much more. Her interest in your child extends to before, during and after the lesson and to the supporting parent too. 
Besides being an absolutely superbly skilled and dedicated teacher, she will support the parent and your child with a holistic approach. Your child’s musical progress and their emotional makeup is a key component of Kimberley’s teaching technique. 
Furthermore, Kimberley is supremely talented in addressing the needs of children who think outside the box. Her expectations for those of her students who are more challenged than most, in particular Autism are just as high as any other student. My own son has achieved an extraordinary level, testament to her adherence to Suzuki principle that every child can achieve their potential.

Nomi Levy (Mother of Joshua Violin Student 14 years old and studying for grade eight)
26th August 2020