Parent Talks

Our Parents are the biggest influence in our whole lives! Many teachers refer to Suzuki Parents as the ‘practice partner’ or ‘home teacher’, as your role is such a big one in your child’s musical journey! As two sides of the Suzuki Triangle, the communication between teacher and parent is paramount.

A snippet from our recent online Parent Talk on Effective Practice! August 2020

During these essential talks, we will discuss aspects of the Suzuki Method and beyond to guide your journey down the best path possible. We will create a community bubble to share problems, tips and to support each other! Utilising many years of experience working with parents & children, love for the Suzuki philosophy and passion for child psychology, Kimberley aims to explore how the process of learning an instrument can inspire longterm motivation, success and self-belief.

Whilst we have two compulsory Parent Talks each academic year that are closed to KWVS families, Kimberley is passionate about opening these discussions to the wider Suzuki Community, and aims to run a few open Parent Talks every year.

Other Parent Talks held are not focused on Suzuki Method, and some are even suitable for parents who don’t have children learning instruments… we just discuss the best way to help your children to fulfil their highest potential, whilst keeping a close knit bond between parent and child!

Parent Talks are held both in person and online. Keep an eye on our Events Page for future talks and how to sign up!

Kimberley is available to run a talk at your event, meeting or school. Please use our contact page to begin the booking process.

NEW – Kimberley has released a unique course designed to help Parents create a happy and healthy working environment at home with their children! More information here.

Thoughts when discussing what Dr.Suzuki’s Goals were for Suzuki students. Snippet from worldwide open Parent Talk on Effective Practice 8/8/20