Although all slots in our studio are full at the moment, it is possible to join the waiting list. There are no ‘ability tests’ in order to be added – the only requirements needed to join the waiting list are 5 hours minimum of class observation. We recommend that these initial 5 hours are split as follows:
– 3 hours of group lessons
– and 2 hours of individual lessons.

Observation is free, and a brilliant tool for you and your child to see if Kimberley is the right teacher for you, and if the commitment works for your lifestyle. It also gives your child a chance to get to know Kimberley and learn the rules of the studio, which can feel very different to the rules of a classroom. Get in touch to find out more!

Please note that upon starting lessons, all students of KWVS must become members of the London Suzuki Group (LSG) before the end of your first term.

Membership to the London Suzuki Group also gives you membership to:
– the British Suzuki Music Association (BSMA), which is part of your membership to…
-the European Suzuki Association (ESA), which in turn gives you membership to…
-the worldwide International Suzuki Association (ISA).
Click the links above to visit the websites of each organisation!

As members of the LSG, we will take part in many wider London concerts, and you will have access to different festivals, workshops, discounts and information!

A great place to start learning is our new ‘Honing Your Practice Parent Skills’ Course which will help you to foster a wonderful working environment for any subject while working with your child!

Donkey Doodle by Kroll – Flora Russell, Summer Online Concert 2020 – Student of KWVS
Summer 2018 – when we said farewell to Charlie Clapperton who was off to Royal Academy Of Music as a singer. So proud of her! Such a beautiful send off, performing with our Lion group ❤️💛

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