The Practice Parent Tool Kit

Free Training on Successful Practice!

Could you use some new, science based ideas to freshen up your practice and achieve results that you, your child and your teacher can celebrate? 
Our training programme specifically designed to improve your practice results with your child could be for you!

In this 6 week programme you will learn how to:
✨Create a happy work environment for you both

✨Help your child achieve their maximum potential 

✨Use this time to strengthen your relationship (instead of fighting each other)

✨Foster a love of learning and growth mindset for both your child and yourself

✨Start seeing the progress you know your child is capable of

✨Speak so that your child can hear you!

I call this process ‘The Practice Parent’s Toolkit’! 

As a bonus, all participants of our course will receive all 6 chapters my new Practice Adventure (where you and your child can practice along with me) as part of the course materials. Try Chapter One now🎉

I do not interfere in any way with the technique or material your teacher will give you! Instead, we will work to attach science to the Suzuki philosophy in the form of child psychology and self regulation techniques to help parents create a calm and engaging atmosphere, and to change old habits where they and their children are responding to each other in frustration or anger in the practice room. I also help you with ideas for games and how to adapt them for your children’s personalities and learning styles, and encourage you to ask you the right questions in the lessons so that you can understand exactly what you should be bringing back to show your teacher week on week. 

Apply for your FREE Practice Strategy Meeting and to find out if this could be right for you!